What do we mean by increasing levels of psycho-socio-cultural maturity?

Recognising that the world we live in is a complex, systemic phenomenon, which while comprised of innumerable sub-systems finally hangs together as one, unified whole, integrated in a finely woven network of communication with spatial and temporal dimensions;

Recognising that while this essentially mental process is evidently invested with a certain rigour, it is nevertheless also open to distortion and failure, resulting in pathologies of various kinds, and

Recognising that the dominant worldview today is monochromatic and indicative of widespread and deeply entrenched epistemological confusion that is represented in the no-holds-barred drive for unrestricted growth and privilege for a few at the expense of the many, threatening no less than the extinction of the species, it is imperative

That we, as individuals and groups, work towards an increasingly more sympathetic understanding of the nature of the pattern that connects, including a growing clarity of vision with regard to its structure – the set of constraints that characterise the system and determine it’s functioning;

To better inform individual and collective adaptive learning, prioritisation, ordering, decision-making, action and feedback and in the process,

To assume with all seriousness the responsibility for contributing to the construction of a description that can be built upon by those who will follow, while reflecting the wisdom of those who went before us.

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