A feeling that most of us would share about the world around us…

-a world largely of our own making – and about the lives we lead is: alienation. What is alienation? A drifting away from the ability to recognise the immanence of order in emerging or evolving patterns at all levels in the known universe?

Take for instance, architecture – a form of cultural expression that is a shaping of space and through it, the sets of relationships that are consciously or unconsciously negotiated in the process. No matter where we look, architecture is a faithful mirror of our inner condition, both at the individual and societal level. Is it surprising then, that much of the architecture that we are familiar with lacks in an acknowledgement of the essential connectedness of things and a celebration of life-affirming values directing a viable technological enterprise?

This suggests a normative framework to which all architecture – indeed, all human endeavour – must subject itself: A normative framework that is guided by our common evolutionary and cultural heritage and points in the direction of increasing levels of psycho-socio-cultural maturity.

The infinite expressions of such a worldview will determine and in turn be determined by the quality of our learning experiences as individuals and as members of groups.

Inasmuch, our work seeks to answer the questions, What?  and Why? by the search for more realistic ways of describing the inter-relationships among phenomena and How? by the values, co-operation and participation.