About us

Peoples Architecture Commonweal…

…is a firm of architect-builders, based in Chennai: the result of the efforts of a small group of individuals concerned at the fragmented nature of operations in the building industry – flowing from a fragmented worldview – and its implications, both for the quality of work and for the alienation this has perpetuated.

The Commonweal offers a range of services essential to the realisation of projects in architecture, including consultancy and execution of works in the allied areas of housing and campus design. The group is also committed to a continual emphasis on quality in all spheres of its activity, be it human relations, design or construction.

Furthermore, Peoples Architecture Commonweal recognises the need to reintegrate the professional, construction worker and layperson alike in the act of purposive-building through the creation of opportunities for skill rehabilitation and sensitisation to the structural role of the evolutionary science paradigm in design and building. A necessary corollary of these efforts of the COMMONWEAL has been its concern for the welfare of its workers, including their just remuneration.

Over the last several years, the firm’s output has included small, medium and large sized residences – ranging in value from Rs. 350,000 to Rs. 11,800,000 – and a Samathuvapuram (housing estate for the rural poor) on the outskirts of Chennai, at a cost of Rs.10,000,000. Peoples Architecture Commonweal has also been recommended by HUDCO for its experience with sustainable building technologies.

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