What do we mean by increasing levels of psycho-socio-cultural maturity?

Recognising that the world we live in is a complex, systemic phenomenon, which while comprised of innumerable sub-systems finally hangs together as one, unified whole, integrated in a finely woven network of communication with spatial and temporal dimensions;

Recognising that while this essentially mental process is evidently invested with a certain rigour, it is nevertheless also open to distortion and failure, resulting in pathologies of various kinds, and

Recognising that the dominant worldview today is monochromatic and indicative of widespread and deeply entrenched epistemological confusion that is represented in the no-holds-barred drive for unrestricted growth and privilege for a few at the expense of the many, threatening no less than the extinction of the species, it is imperative

That we, as individuals and groups, work towards an increasingly more sympathetic understanding of the nature of the pattern that connects, including a growing clarity of vision with regard to its structure – the set of constraints that characterise the system and determine it’s functioning;

To better inform individual and collective adaptive learning, prioritisation, ordering, decision-making, action and feedback and in the process,

To assume with all seriousness the responsibility for contributing to the construction of a description that can be built upon by those who will follow, while reflecting the wisdom of those who went before us.

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  1. yazhini says:

    hello sir,I am a student of architecture who passionate about vernacular architecture .and i also attended many workshop regarding sustainable i like to do an internship at your company do you take an interns sir

  2. mohammed fazil says:

    Dear Sir/ Ma’am,

    I am writing to express an interest in applying for the internship program in your reputed firm. I am a student of Bachelor of Architecture at Global institute of architecture, Palakkad , kerala under the affiliation of calicut university, kerala.
    Currently in my 6th semester, I have been exposed to a wide range of design problems including a Five Star Hotel and a Shopping mall and I have developed a strong affinity towards Residential architecture and have gone through many case studies.

    As a student of architecture, I am extremely committed to strive for excellence in the area of residential architecture, which is where my passion lies. Having worked on group projects, I enjoy working as part of a team and contributing to group efforts, while simultaneously retaining my individual creativity.

    As a part of our University Curriculum , We are supposed to do six month internship training under a reputed firm from the course of JUNE 2018 for 6 months.I have gone through your works and greatly inspired..I would be grateful for an opportunity to be a part of your internship program to learn from the best in the field of Residential architectural design and further hone my skills. Given the chance, I will prove my mettle and be an asset to your company.

    Now I will send my portfolio as soon as possible of my design projects in my previous semester.

    Yours truly,
    Mohammed Fazil T.F
    III Year
    B. Arch
    Global Institute of Architecture,Palakkad ,kerala

  3. JesseLiari says:

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  4. Niyothi says:

    Hello team Commonweal,
    I have been admiring the firm’s projects and processes of design. As a student, I have found that I truly enjoy the process of unveiling and working on various stages in designing a project. I align closely with your firm’s focus on creative. I believe that I would be a great addition to your company and look forward to being interviewed at your earliest convenience.

  5. Deenaharikrishna P says:

    Respected Sir/Madam,

    I P.DEENAHARIKRISHNA, a young budding Student Architect studying B.ARCH-3rd Year at KONGU SCHOOL OF ARCHITECTURE, Perundurai, Erode, Tamil Nadu-638052

    Please consider my profile for Internship, this would enhance my career and to explore opportunities.

    Yours faithfully,

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  9. R.E.Jaisha says:

    Im feeling happy to know that still our tradition and culture exists in our modern environment.Our view on this ancient part of architecture should be developed in this generative world too.I wish I could try my best in conserving that

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  14. AJITH KUMAR says:

    Hello team,I have done similar concepts of design in my past every semesters, I wanted to continue as my passion and I like each and every works and details of your projects. I like to join in your firm as intern from JAN,2020. I think this would help me in becoming sucessfull Architect.Thankyou.

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  17. Abarna Maniarasu says:

    I’m M.Abarna, a VI semester U G student in Architecture at Thiagarajar college of engineering, Madurai. I am Excited to apply for the intern position at your esteemed firm.

    When I came across your firm’s website, the first thing that popped out to me was integrating the design with actual need and ‘Detailing out Things’, without any ‘extrinsic work’. In all of my designs, I have followed a conceptual approach method which considers every details and reflects my idea in it. Also I do design only the essential which I think is the vital step for taking out the design into user oriented, efficient and sustainable. If I get the chance, working in your beloved firm, I Am sure that I will give my best work wholeheartedly.

    I am greatly interested to practice my designing skills and architectural proficiency, By seeking internship at your reputed firm.

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  48. Respected Sir/Madam,

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    Yours Sincerely,
    Sandhya Muralidharan

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